Anna Marie Mazzone

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Answered Prayers
We have received donations from generous donors, helping us fund our Refugee Outreach and work.
Approximately 60 arabic and persian Refugees have gone through our Foundations Class and we have had the privilege of baptizing over 100 since January of this year! 

Prayer Requests
Pray for our Refugee friends as they are being transferred to other cities and away from our church. Many have found a spiritual home with us and it is difficult for them. 
Pray for Workers to be sent to the harvest fields in our church. There is so much to do and we need committed and healthy people to help. 
Pray for those Christian Refugees who are being bullied and threatened within the camps here in Germany.
Pray for wisdom: how do we engage this opportunity with the refugees and at the same time not neglect the other ministries within the church.
My first call to missions came when the Lord took a phrase someone spoke and pierced my heart, making it personal to me: “So often we tell God we are willing to 'go' but we plan on staying. However, Matt. 28:18 says “Go…” – so we should plan on going and tell God we are willing to stay.” 

So I went on a two year mission with Jesus Revolution as part of a church planting team in Munich, Germany. We held weekly street meetings with drama, dance, testimonies and preaching the Gospel. We met with disciples one on one and held gatherings in our home multiple times a week, until we outgrew our living room. We baptized new believers in water and laid hands on them to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We saw people saved, healed, set free and lives changed. 

I once heard an analogy about a screwdriver and its many uses. It can open a paint can, make a hole, pry things open, even open an old car’s door – but there is only one thing is does exceptionally well; what it was designed to do. The two years I spent in Munich changed my heart. Missions was no longer short term trips and temporary – but something I realized God has made me for.
Deutschland 4 Jesus!